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Chigong overview
After you have learned to circulate energy in your body (as in exercise 2) there are lots of things you can do, collect energy, play with the energy, use the energy to cleanse yourself and others, etc.  You can make your energy body grow really huge, up out into the universe and collect energy all parts of the earth.  You can visualize peace and harmony and place the universe’s energy into these visualizations.  Imagine that it is not a dream, but that these things are actually happening.
There are many exercises: combing negative energy out of people, things like the “inner smile”, and the healing sounds (I’m not sure how I’d explain that one over the internet, but there are books on it, probably in your local library), the “happy dragon”, etc.  I’ll have to look through my old notes and see what I can remember to share.
The possibilities are endless really.  You can “create” an instructor for yourself to teach you (are you just making it up in your head? who cares if you are, perhaps there are parts of you that are being untapped.  Don’t get stuck on that).  You can also imagine going back in time to help yourself or others through rough times, or imagine your inner guides going back in time to help yourself or others.  You can imagine that all kinds of knowledge is going into your head, that you are very intelligent.  The idea of chigong that is most important is to Never use your Own energy when trying to heal someone or give them energy.  Tests have shown that this lowers a person’s white blood cell count and weakens them.  You should always use the universe and earth’s energy, as that will not get depleted as opposed to your own reserves.
\Exercise 2:
Try this simple exercise- relax, get into position, imagine that you are growing bigger and bigger, until you are huge, keep growing until you are the size of the universe (now your head is really in the clouds ;-))  Now reach out your arms and hands into the universe and collect positive energy from the sun, moon and stars and bring it in through your head and circulate it around your body.  You may prefer to bring it all the way down your entire body and dispell the negative into the earth.  I usually then like to reach my energy way into the earth, into the powerful center of the earth and pull up positive energy into my body and go  back and forth like this.  You can also pull down energy to loved ones near or far away, or to the whole earth.
Another way of cleansing is to “dig”  deep into the earth and pull the energy up your body through your hands. As you breathe  in Draw your hands up your body, imagine that there is energy eminating from your fingertips and pulling the negative right up and out of you and when you get to the top of the head Fling the energy out and into the earth as you give a deep exhaling sound.
Do these things really work?  Well, I dunno?  I kind of look at it as an experiment.  As long as you aren’t wishing harm on anyone it can’t hurt, and it might even help.  Just don’t get discouraged if nothing “happens”. I think a problem with some healing systems is the people tend to proverbially blame themselves, or the sick person for not “having enough faith”, “believing enough”, “practicing enough”, etc.  That’s not the point.  Try to not get into that type of thinking as it’s not productive but rather the opposite.

Assuming you know the standard relaxation exercise(s): ie. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax, breathe slowly, count... etc.  yaddah yaddah What ever makes you relax.
Chigong is done in a “dream like state” some where between consciousness and dreaming. (But you probably already knew that ;-))
There are a few exercises that I can think of, and I’ll give more detail if people want it.  I’ll start with the first one I learned.
Usually the posture for chigong is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bend, back straight, but relaxed, head tilted slightly so the top part faces the sky.
The first exercise we learned was to stand with our arms dangling out in about a 45 degree angle in front of us, armpits open, in other words bring your arms out so that your arms aren’t close to your armpits (I guess maybe that closes off the energy?  Stiffles it) Palms facing your body and arms, wrists and fingers relaxed and limp.
Move your body around gently anyway you want to relax yourself.  This is called “spontaneous chigong”.  Move slowly, but not so slowly that it makes you tense.  Just relax and do what’s comfortable.  If standing is difficult you can sit on a chair to do these exercises.
Please keep in mind that any exercise can be altered, image and body wise, to fit your own style and needs.  You can even develop your own techniques.  There is no right or wrong, that is as long as you are using it only for good purposes and not to hurt others (obviously)

Energy Circulation:
As you breathe out imagine warm water flowing down the front of your body (I used to only imagine my skin, but now I imagine the whole inner front of my body)
Imagine that the warm water carries away all the negative energy, which you might picture as dirt, or some other image if you please, and carrying it out of your body into the ground, which converts it to good energy (kind of like compost, or the way plants use CO2)
[some people in other practices make use of a waterfall image in their practice and simply imagine the water cleansing them. I like the idea of warm water though]
As you breathe in imagine hot steam (not too hot ;-)) coming up the back part of your body.
And so on, cycle the energy through your body this way for how ever long you choose.
[this is similar to the popular exercise where people imagine they are a tree, with their roots growing deep into the ground taking nourishment up through their roots to their body and imagining that tall branches are growing out of their arms and head into the sky and collecting energy from the sky and so on back and forth.  There are many similarity is systems.  One might even draw a similarity with charasmatic christians lifting their hands to the heavens to collect energy, which they perceive of as “God” and other’s may think of as the universe... just a thought.]

Okay, now I’m inspired to share a chigong exercise that I made up.  It’s really quick, that’s the point.  By the time I’ve explained it you’ll say “That’s all?! Where’s the rest of it”... okay, here goes (gosh I’ve got butterflies in my stomach out here all by myself on this virtual stage...  okay I’ll get right to it)
After you have meditate, calmed yourself, breathed deeply, cleansed your energy... or whatever it is that you do (see previous posts for the exercise to cleanse your energy... ie. imagine a waterfall washing all negative energy out of you, or imagine the white light, or imagine your energy body growing huge and grabbing the energy/light from the sun, moon and stars/university and pulling it into your body, and through your body, allowing it to push all the bad energy out and into the ground.)
OKAY, Ready?  Here is my exercise.  It is a “take-off” on cleansing energy from yourself and others useful If you often forget or are really busy.
I call it the Earth Vacuum cleaner:
Imagine that the earth is a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the negative energy in you, loved ones, co-workers, your house, your neighborhood, the world.  This is sort of an automatic thing and you have it always on.  Bad energy can not be held because the Earth Vacuum sucks it up right out of us and others, out of our hands, minds, hearts, lives.
Imagine that the vaccum sucks up all the negative energy, not all the energy, as if it had a switch that said “negative energy” switched on.  Imagine it however it is best for you and most effective.
Well, that’s it!  Easy enough for you?

What do you all think.  Yes, I know that some people resist healing and letting go of bad energy and it might even be a bit controversial to do this for someone without their permission, granted, but I don’t find a problem with it.  I sometimes try the traditional chigong exercise of combing the bad energy out of a person, but I find that they sometimes hold on to it and I’ll also afraid that like a magnet or a straw I will end up unconsciously “sucking up” their bad energy, which I sort of learned from the nuns in catholic school... a long story.
Sometimes I try to put positive energy into people and sometimes it is like they have this hard shell around them.  I’ve found that if I make a tiny pin prick hole in the top, and probably now that I think of it the bottom, I can gently filter positive energy into them through the pin prick and the bad energy can escape also.  At first you might feel a little anger, so be gentle, cautious and smart.  Back off a little.  I find that if I am slow and gentle rather than abrupt and pushy about it, the energy is allowed in and even appreciated.

The earth vacuum is good because it sucks up bad energy, without a person or emotion involved.  A vacuum is not “aggressive” per sae, but it gets the job done and even after trying to hold on to bad energy for awhile, with the constant little pull, eventually a person gets tired and lets go of it and it gets sucked up.  Other bad energy gets sucked up before it can even take hold.

Like the straw concept, we often hold bad energy, like you can hold liquid in a straw by sucking or being tense.  We Hold this energy, sometimes even tightly, without even realizing it.  Imagine you are a straw and you stop sucking the bad into or keeping it in you.  Just let go.  What happens?  The liquid flows right out of the straw... gravity takes the bad energy right away, it falls because nothing’s holding it from the earth’s sucking vaccuum.  It’s not difficult or something that has to be forced.

For a personal touch, I also combine chigong teachings with my own ideas to create another concept.  You can still use the vaccuum cleaner approach and you can use “vaccuum attachments” to get at specific places if you want, like the brain, head, heart, etc...(but that wasn’t what I was going to say, I digress)  For a personal touch, you can imagine energy bodies, angels, or spirit guides... what ever you can imagine easiest and most effectively, around yourself, or someone you love or someone who is sick.  Imagine 2 even.  Imagine that these chigong masters, or high level spirit guides, or powerful angels are doing chigong, or reiki, or whatever type of healing you choose on the loved one and that they are always with them and always pulling the bad energy, pain, etc. gently out of the person and continually putting good pure healing energy from the universe and earth, and God, or where ever you can easiest believe the most powerful gentle healing energy could come from, inside the person and cycling it around, making them healthy and whole.

This is  a very simple exercise that came to me after I was eating lunch outside.  I thought how good the trees, flowers, fresh air and animals/birds made me feel.  I thought, wouldn't it be cool to work outside.  Wouldn't it be cool to bring all this great energy inside the office.  So here it is,  just image the trees, flowers, chipmunks, birds, fresh air, etc. coming into your building where you work.  Image the feeling that you have when you are outside coming into the place where you work and making the people you work with smile and breathe easier and be more relaxed.  Image and "see" the trees and flowers within the building, blowing in the cool breeze, the sun energy warming our hearts, the chipmunks and squirrels scurring around making us laugh and smile, the little birds chirping and filling our ears with their delightful sounds.

That's it!  Told you it was Simple.

One last note: At any rate, in chigong, as in other healing, just as you should always use only the universe’s and earth’s energy to heal, Not your own, which can get Depleted Easily, you should also not try and take the negative energy into yourself, as to the earth it is like compost, the earth changes the energy and transmutes it into something good.  If the negative energy is taken into us,... well, we may or may not be able to transmute it.  Who wants to take that chance.