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Gay and Lesbian Book Month Quiz with Answers

1. Lesbian poet and essayist who wrote about Native American culture.
                                   Paula Gunn Allen

2. This gay author fell in unrequited love with Salvador Dali.  He was murdered
by the Government of his country, some say because he was gay.
                                   Frederico Garcia Lorca

3. This bisexual "cult figure of the feminist movement" wrote a 150 volume diary
covering a span of 50 years of her life.  She said "Only the failure to love is
                                   Anais Nin

4. This gay author enjoyed boxing, martial arts and weight lifting.  He ended his
life by committing suicide with his lover.
                                   Yukio Mishima

5. What gay author wrote and published a 150 page "done me wrong" letter?
                                   Oscar Wilde, De Profundus, written
                                      in prison to Lord Alfred Douglas

6. This writer preferred to be called 'John', at 21 years of age inherited the  equivalent of $10 million and wrote a book that has never gone out of print.
     Radclyffe Hall, wrote The Well of  Loneliness which was banned and taken
     to court.  After words the book sold over 10,000 copies the first year and
     was selling at a rate of 100,000 copies ever year for several years.  The book
     has been published in 14 different languages and has never gone out of
     print.  (p.355)

7. This famous gay poet wrote a poem entitled "howl" and died recently.
                                        Allen Ginsberg

8. This lesbian, feminist, poet and essayist was a librarian who recently died of
breast cancer.
                                        Audre Lourde

9. This author wrote the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas and an opera about
Susan B. Anthony.
                                        Gertrude Stein

10. Who wrote a novel about a professional tennis player and a novel that was
made into a movie?
                                        Gore Vidal, The City and the
                                          Pillar and Myra Breckinridge

11. What was lesbian author Isabel Miller's real name?
                                        Alma Routsong

12. Partners for 38 years, these 2 lesbians wrote a book first published in 1972 and
recently reprinted in a 20th Anniversary Edition       
                                        Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons,

13. Name the author who wrote a book about a character who switches gender
every 100 years
                                        Virginia Woolf, Orlando

14. This playwright "came out" in 1957 and challenged the idea that African
Americans should deal exclusively with black subjects.
                                        Lorraine Hansberry (p. 357)

15. This author wrote a book about gay/lesbian mythology.
                                        Judy Grahn (p. 340)

16. This French writer wrote more than 60 books, inspired by the writings of
Goethe and Nietzsche.  He wrote a defense of homosexuality in the form of 4
Socratic dialogues.  History autobiography was originally published in a limited
edition of only 13 copies.
                                        Andre Gide, Corydon

17. Which author was a German prisoner of war who wrote only 5 books.
                                        J. R. Ackerley

18. What lesbian writer bred dogs, was depressed about her weight and was
mocked for smoking cigars and wearing men's shirts?
                                        Amy Lowell (p.454)

19. This playwright was known for his dandyism, translated writing from German,
Italian, English, French, Greek, and Latin, including 110 of William Shakespeare's
sonnets and 9 of his plays.
                                        Mikhail Alekseyvich Kuzmin

20.What lesbian coedited a collection of writings by women of color?
                                        Cherrie Moraga This Bridge
                                           Called My Back

21. Which writer wrote a book about a lesbian who opens a women's bookstore?
                                        May Sarton, The Education of
                                        Harriet  Hatfield

22. What lesbian author was originally named Pauline Mary Tarn?
                                        Rene Vivien

23. Whose poems were used to mummify a crocodile?
                                        Sappho (source Sappho: a

24. This author wrote a book of prayers for gays.
                                        Chris Glaser, Coming Out to

25. In her youth this writer preferred to be called "William" and lived with a
woman for 40 years, but did not want to be referred to as a lesbian.
     Willa Cather, her partner was Edith Lewis.  Before she died Willa Cather
     destroyed all her personal letters and  asked friends to do likewise.

26. This gay priest came out years after writing the best seller Are You Running
with Me Jesus.
                                        Malcolm Boyd 

27. This journalist wrote one of the first books about AIDS.
                                        Randy Shilts And the Band
                                           Played On

28. What author of young adult books wrote lesbian pulp novels in the 50's and
     M.E. Kerr (Marijane Meaker) wrote under the pseudonyms Vin Packer and
     famous lesbian writer Ann Aldrich.  Her repeitour included (as Vin Packer)
     Spring Fire, Dark Intruder, Look Back to Love, Come Destroy Me, Whisper
     His Sin, The Thrill Kids, Dark Don't Catch Me, The Young and Violent,
     Three-Day Terror, The Evil Friendship, 5:45 to Suburbia, The Twisted
     Ones, The Girl on the Best Seller List, Something in the Shadows, Intimate
     Victims, Alone at Night, Sudden Endings, The Hare in March, and  Don't
     Rely on Gemini.  As Ann Aldrich she wrote We Walk Alone Through
     Lesbos Lonely Groves, We Too Must Love, Carol in a Thousand Cities, We
     Too Won't Last.  As M.J. Meaker she published Sudden Endings, and 
     Hometown. As Marijane Meaker she published Game of Survival, and
     Shockproof Sydney Skate (a novel for gay young adults).  She wrote all her
     young adult books from 1973 on under the name of M.E. Kerr.

29. Lifelong friends with Marlon Brando, this author wrote 17 books.  He said
"The only way to teach history is to make them go through it themselves".
                                        James Baldwin

30.  This male to female transsexual was an army office and foreign correspondent
before her sex change.  S/he is the author of several books on history and travel,
was published in the Rolling Stone magazine and wrote an autobiography.
                                        Jan Morris (James Morris)
                                        author of Conundrum and

31. This author was an activist for the Black Panthers and defender of the P.L.O.
                                        Jean Genet

32. Which lesbian author is the cousin of an employee at Monroe Community

                                        Madeline Davis, author of
                                        Boots of Leather, Slippers of
                                        Gold is Joyce Medwin's cousin

Bonus question:  Name a Native American lesbian writer besides Paula Gunn

Some Possible Answers: Chrystos (Menominee), Barbara Cameron (Hunkpapa)
and Beth Brant (Bay of Quinte Mohawk) and others.

[note: unless otherwise noted answers varified for The Gay and Lesbian Literary
Heritage, ed. by Claude J. Summers]

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