JANE RULE - BIBLIOGRAPHY Thanks to Marilyn for this lovely bibliography which she emailed to me for my webpage! Rule, Jane. After the Fire. (1989, novel) _____. Against the Season (1971, novel) _____. Contract With the World. (1980, novel) _____. Desert of the Heart. (1964, novel) _____. A Hot-Eyed Moderate (1985, essays) _____. Inland Passage. (1985, stories) _____. Lesbian Images. (1975, literary criticism) _____. Memory Board. (1987, novel) _____. Outlander. (1981, stories and essays) _____. Theme for Diverse Instruments (1975, stories) _____. This Is Not For You. (1970, novel) _____. The Young in One Another's Arms. (1977, novel) Marilyn Schuster has written a book entitle: _Passionate Communities: Lesbian Resistance in Jane Rule's Fiction_ that is in press with New York University Press. It will be out sometime next year.