Searching tips: 

Use a search engine like Altavista 

Use specific terms or phrases in quotes such as "Lesbian history" or "Alma Routsong".  

Use a plus sign "+" to indicate that the search must contain the word or phrase, ex.:
+"Alma Routsong" +lesbian

Use a minus sign "-" before words you don't want included in your search for example -(three x's) 
[note:  type a minus sign, no space and then three x's, not in parathesis,  I used this type of example, because if I type the 3 x's as an example the search engines will index MY page as a triple x site!] 

You can also use a search engine like HotBot and click the image box if you want to locate a picture of a famous lesbian.  

The more specific you are the better the search, for instance, using a particular name, such as +"Willa Cather" +Biography  for your search is more likely to pull up biographies of Willa Cather than +lesbian +biography.  
[note:  without the plus signs the engine will pick up ever document that has lesbian OR biography, and without the quotes around a term the engine will search for documents with contain the words Willa and Cather, but not necessarily near each other, this would probably not be a problem with a name like Willa Cather, but if you are searching under another term if can pull up a lot of false hits.] 
Happy Searching!